Call for retrofitting of Dublin’s social housing

by Rachel Cunningham
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The Davitt House Committee has called for much needed improvements for Michael Davitt House, a state-owned apartment complex in Drimnagh. 

Part of the Dublin 12 branch of CATU, Community Action Tenants Union, the committee is made up of house residents who have said that their retrofitting requests, including the installation of double glaze windows and that intercoms be reinstated, have been ignored to date. 

The Davitt House Committee state that they were forced to lodge a complaint with the Ombudsman on December 4.

A protest took place on the same day outside City Hall ahead of the last council meeting for 2023.

“Despite assurances in our meeting on July 25, we have seen no progress in addressing the critical issues affecting each tenant in Davitt House,” said two committee members.

“The updates on new windows and doors, and information regarding attic insulation are all outstanding.

“Our repeated requests for a comprehensive timeline, as agreed upon in July, have gone unanswered, further exacerbating the situation.”

According to the tenants, not only have the original promises been neglected, the situation in the complex has deteriorated since the committee formed.

“There has been no caretaker on the block for eight weeks, bins have been overflowing and there are rats in both blocks. There is still rubbish outside block B for at least three weeks now,” said Annmarie Fagan, who has been living in Block B for the last 10 years.

The committee formed in late 2022 and pursued a campaign of recording living conditions, conducting tenant surveys and collecting signatures of a super majority of residents of the block, before pursuing a series of meetings with Dublin City Council (DCC). 

This action is part of a series of work regarding maintenance of DCC properties that CATU have been doing over the past year.

A Freedom Of Information request from the press revealed that DCC does not maintain data on whether maintenance requests are carried out, prompting the union to call for an end to the outsourcing of city council maintenance responsibilities to private contractors.

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