Dorset St ‘upgrade’ sees mostly positive, but slightly mixed reaction

by Dublin Gazette
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[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]A North city street is set to receive a face lift backed by some residents, though not everyone seems pleased with the pending upgrade.

According to plans put forward by a local business group and community representatives, there are plans to turn Dorset Street into a “culinary hub” and a vibrant destination village.

Business group Dubhlinn are working in collaboration with Dublin City Council and local residents to restore the street to what it once was, eradicating the dominance of traffic on the street, fast-food outlets and vacant buildings.

A plan for the street has been designed by Kelliher Miller Architects, which shows widened footpaths, an eradication of the central concrete median on the road and the addition of ‘pull-in’ parking on the street side to access the proposed new stores and restaurants.

Dorset Street was originally designed as an upmarket residential area in the 18th Century, then went on to become a flourishing shopping area from the 19th Century until the 1960s, when the area began to fall into decline.

It is now used as one of the main roads from the city centre to the airport, meaning it is seen by many thousands of tourists annually, as well as locals.

It is proposed to renovate shop fronts and nurture a pedestrian and cycle-friendly layout as part of the plans, which are currently on exhibition on Dorset Street to give locals an insight into the plans.

The Dorset Street Together exhibition is the culmination of two years of suggestions and ideas from the local community and has a list of proposed changes for the area, alongside detailed plans and diagrams to explain the vision for the area.

However, whilst a majority of individuals in the area are looking upon the news with delight and optimism, others have said on social media that they’re concerned that, while a revamp of the locale is needed, that it will drive rents higher than they already are.

In the most recent report, the average rent in Dublin is peaking at more than €1,300 a month. On, there is currently a property for rent on Dorset Street for €600 per week.

Twitter user Fia said: “No one talk to me about the Dorset Street plans … my rent is already making my life harder and we already have a huge block of the street taken over by luxury student accommodation.

“I was happy when I heard about this at first … but then I realised they’re only doing it because they’re about to turn all our gaffs [sic] and shops into a hotel [or something].”

The Irish Tenant’s Party said: “So let the ethnic cleansing of working-class Dubs commence around Dorset Street as the vultures move in to ‘redevelop’ it for corporate landlordism.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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