Donabate residents call for urgent action

by Rose Barrett
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Paul Mulville, Social Democrats Councillor for the Rush-Lusk Ward, has taken a hands-on approach to address a persistent concern within the Donabate community. 

Exasperated at the persistent condition of a muddy flooded section of pathway, on a much-enjoyed walking route at Beaverstown, Donabate, Cllr Mulville decided to take action himself to provide temporary access for long frustrated residents!

He told the Dublin Gazette “While council processes have their place, it’s crucial to respond promptly to the concerns of our community. After long pressing council management on persistent flooding blocking the public right of way – and in the absence of timely official action – we felt we had no choice but to take steps ourselves to put down a temporary gravel and bark track, so that the community could one again enjoy the use of this pathway, part of planned future pedestrian/ cycle link from Beaverstown to Portrane.”

This effort garnered local support, with residents assisting Cllr Mulville on the day and helping supply the materials for the temporary solution.

Local resident Dylan Murphy explained, “It might seem like a small thing but this walkway is an important part of local residents’ routines and provides a much-needed escape into nature. However, every time it rains this walkway becomes an unwalkable marsh. It’s a huge shame that it came to the point where residents have to get out their shovels to provide a temporary solution while the council sits idly by.”

As discussions with the council executive continue, Cllr Mulville remains committed to advocating for a permanent resolution to the persistent pathway issue. 

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