Community shocked at callous canine killing

by Rose Barrett
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Rose Barrett

Nothing could have prepared dog owner Kevin Tierney for a gruesome find in the canal last Thursday. 

Having searched for two weeks for his beloved little Keisha, a three-year-old dashund bitch, Kevin was utterly distraught when he found his faithful companion drowned in a gym bag, with a cable tie wrapped around her neck and a charger tying the handles shut.

The black and tan dashund disappeared on September 7 last; her owner Kevin from Bawnogues, Clondalkin feared the playful pet had been stolen to breed.

Vigorously, he shared images on social media, and posted a reward for her safe return.  Clondalkin Animal Aid (CAA) were a wonderful support to him and his mother, Karen in their search for their “baby girl”.

The gruesome killing of Keisha is one of several reports of animal cruelty in recent times, claims Clondalkin Animal Aid. Shona Rousseau, a volunteer with CAA stated they have had several reports about cats being tortured.

“We heard reports of male youth with a lurcher or greyhound type breed – and they’ve been seen setting the dogs on pet cats to kill. This has been ongoing for quite a while.

“We had further reports of the torsos of cats found burnt. Is this how some young people entertained themselves during the restrictions – it is vile behaviour.

“Along with that, there was the Tik Tok craze of keeping baby ducklings as pets. So many were surrendered to us, we couldn’t keep count but over five days, one of the volunteers had about 20 plus ducklings in her bathroom. Thankfully, we found homes for them or surrendered them to animal rescue centres. I think the sellers in these cases are the most culpable.

“Little Keisha would have gone willingly to the person or persons who killed her, she would have trusted humans. If they can do this to her, it’s unimaginable what they are capable of. With Halloween approaching, there’s going to be an increase in frightened dogs running off, with the increase in bangers and fireworks going off.”

Another animal rescue centre, PAWS, reported the savage beating of a dog to death with a shovel.

CAA noted there had been sightings of a dog similar to Keisha running around Ashwood Estate, playing or being chased by children. However, they think it was likely to have been another dog belonged to a woman living in the estate.

Justice for Keisha

Nothing could have prepared Kevin Tierney for what he saw last Thursday, the grisly sight of Keisha cruelly bound and tied and drowned in a gym bag.

“Such a cruel end to a friendly little thing. How could anyone do this? Someone must know what happened to her, or who the perpetrators are.”

A cousin of Kevin’s, Ceoladh de Burca, has since started a GoFundMe page, offering a €1,000 reward to find Keisha’s killers.  Already, the GFM campaign has raised almost €4,000.

To donate, see

The overspill from the campaign will be donated towards Clondalkin Animal Aid, said Kevin.

“They were so supportive to me over the two weeks of Keisha’s search and I know they could badly do with funding.” See Clondalkin Animal Aid on FB.

Clondalkin Animal Aid is a non-profit organisation whose volunteers work hard to give rescue dogs and cats and give them a better life. There are five main volunteers, Claire, Rachel, Sean, Ann and Shona.

“We divide up the workload,” said Shona “We don’t have a premises but we do have some reliable foster carers. We also have to monitor the social media pages and phone lines constantly.

“We don’t get government funding, it’s totally voluntary. If owners cannot be located, we find them a foster home, and the volunteers work in tandem with local vets and the gardaí,” said Shona “But medical bills can mount up.”

Founded almost 30 years ago, Shona also stated CAA could do with some voluntary drivers to collect and deliver dogs or cats to foster homes.

If you are interested in adopting an animal, please log onto

To foster a dog, please contact 087 221 2623; to provide a foster home for a cat or small animal, contact 086 314 8647 :: E: [email protected]

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