Volunteers get Whitestown Stream flowing once again

by Padraig Conlon
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Thanks to the hard work of a group of volunteers a local stream is flowing again.

Dodder Action members, led by Firhouse man Wladek Gaj, have generously given two hours of their free time every two weeks since Christmas to clean the Whitestown Stream in Tallaght.

They have found everything from a “bottle swamp” (pictured), to building materials, trolleys, polystyrene, clothes and even a shotgun!

“Our efforts to free the stream have allowed frogs, birds and fish to repopulate the stream,” Victoria White, chairperson of Dodder Action told Dublin Gazette.

“This is the lake of bottles and cans which was obstructing Whitestown Stream at the Whitestown Industrial Estate before Wladek and the other Dodder Action volunteers cleared the blockage and now the stream is flowing again.

“Wladek found frogs under the plastic.

“The stream is full of wildlife under the truck loads of junk which has been thrown in and never taken out by anyone for years on end.

“It has given hope to local people that their area could again be beautiful.

“This effort tells the story of waste in our society, what we produce and throw away, how we organise charges, how we fail to police waste and the environmental damage it does.

“The Whitestown Stream enters the Dodder, which then flows into the Liffey and eventually into the Irish Sea.

“So everything in the stream moves down-river and becomes marine waste. It is vital we get the junk out and still more vital that more doesn’t go in.”

Victoria said Dodder Action are always looking for more members.

“Our main aim this year is to have cells of volunteers up and down the river,” she said.

“We have our big all-Dodder clean on April 27 with clean up points in Firhouse, Rathfarnham, Dartry, Milltown, Clonskeagh and Donnybrook as well as Tallaght which is part of Dublin Community Clean up.

“It would be great to have volunteers in Tallaght, Firhouse and Rathfarnham.

“We are working with a lot of local groups. Volunteering in the clean-ups is a great way to meet people and it’s great fun!”

Anyone interested in getting involved can message Dodder Action through their Facebook page.

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