Disgust as a homophobic letter sent to Cllr’s home

by Sylvia Pownall
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A CLONDALKIN councillor has told of his shock and disgust after a homophobic letter was sent to his home address.

Cllr Francis Timmons (Ind) retrieved his post on Tuesday morning only to find an envelope with a hand-written profane reference to himself and his partner.

Inside was a picture of Pope Benedict, a typed letter about World Family Day, and a leaflet about the Pope’s visit next year.

The envelope read “Darren and Francis, The S***-Pushers Den” along with the rest of the couple’s Dublin 22 address below. The letter was stamped, posted and delivered by An Post.

Cllr Timmons told The Gazette: “It was a horrible thing to get, absolutely vile. I brought it to Clondalkin Garda Station and they are investigating.

“It’s sad to see this kind of thing still going on in modern-day Ireland.”

The Independent councillor revealed that he’d spent the previous day working on an LGBT strategy for South Dublin County Council.

He said: “Me and my partner are together 18 years and we’ve lived at this address for 10 years and never had anything like this.

“I’ve been ‘out’ for a long time, longer than 18 years anyway.

“My neighbours are very good and there’s never been any hint of anything negative.

“It’s just vile. There’s no detail about who sent it – they weren’t brave enough to do that, obviously.

“The front is very poorly written – either using their left hand or bad writing skills.”

Gardai are now trying to trace the origin of the letter and if they find the culprit the incident could be treated as a hate crime.

Cllr Timmons, who posted a picture of the offensive material on Facebook, has since been inundated with messages of support.

He said: “Hopefully it’s a one-off – probably somebody very sad and lonely with nothing else going on in their life.

“I’m in politics, I can grow a hard skin, but my partner is not involved in public life and he doesn’t expect that kind of stuff.

“He took it very bad, he was very upset.

“We’ve come such a long way in Ireland, but this just shows that we’ve a bit of work yet to do.

“I respect other people’s lives and all I ask is that they do the same.”

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