Volunteer Group Fundraise to Resettle Refugee Family

by Amy Rohu
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Amy Rohu

The Dundrum and Rathfarnham Area Community Sponsorship group (DARA) have come together to welcome a refugee family to the area, by setting up a GoFundMe page in their name.

They said: “With the approval of the Irish Refugee Protection Programme and guidance from the Irish Refugee Council, we plan to welcome a family that has been granted UN refugee status into the Dundrum-Rathfarnham area and support them in settling into our community.”

Prior to the arrival of the family, the group have set a target of €20,000 which will be used to fund the families integration into Ireland during their first two years living here.

Any remaining funds after the two-year period will be offered directly to the family to support their new life and to spend as they wish. In the event the family does not take up this offer, the remaining funds will be donated to a registered charity that supports refugee integration in Ireland.

The fundraiser is just over halfway to it’s target after being set up on January 29 at ‘Dip for DARA’, where fundraising was kicked off with members of the DARA Community Sponsorship committee braved the icy waters of the Irish Sea for a fundraising dip on Killiney Beach.

The group added: “We continue to greatly appreciate any donation big or small that you can give the Dip for DARA, our inaugural fundraising event.”

For more information and to make a donation, visit gofundme.com and search Dip for DARA.

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