Deputies bicker over forming a government

by Emma Nolan
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A WAR of words has erupted between two opposing Dun Laoghaire TDs about the “painful” inter-party discussions currently taking place ahead of forming a new government.
Deputy Richard Boyd Barrett (PBP) said that the “real issues are spiralling out of control” while “Fianna Fail and Fine Gael play political games”.
He said: “Witnessing the political jockeying and posturing from the establishment parties in forming a government has been a truly painful experience. The health and housing crises are getting worse by the day. A functioning Dail is needed to deal with this.”
Fellow Dun Laoghaire TD Mary Mitchell O’Connor (FG) responded to Deputy Boyd Barrett’s claims, saying: “Some parties – including AAA, PBP – totally opted out of trying to form the stable government we need. They have put self-interest above the national interest, which is extremely disappointing.”
“We [FG] are committed to forming a stable government in the best interest of the country. This is an objective shared by many of the Independents we have spoken to.
“We will continue to work with those who are willing to put together a stable partnership government,” she said.
“Fianna Fail rejected the offer of a full partnership government with Fine Gael so that means that a minority government is the most likely outcome now.
“As the largest party in the 32nd Dail, the responsibility falls to Fine Gael to lead the negotiations and seek to form a stable government. We will continue to do that.”
Deputy Boyd-Barrett counter-responded to Deputy Mitchell O’Connor’s “disingenuous” claims.
Speaking to The Gazette, he said: “It’s very disingenuous for Deputy Mitchell O’Connor or Fine Gael to point the finger at the parties of the Left for failing to form a government, when she knows quite well that we are not even close to having the numbers to form a government.
“We wish we had the numbers, and we certainly hope we will have them at some time in the future, but the only parties that have the sufficient numbers capable of forming a government are Fianna Fail and Fine Gael.
“They’re very unhappy now, because [given] the history of the State, FF and GF have controlled both the government and the opposition, and they are terrified at the prospect that they won’t control both sides of the house, and the country is being left in the political wilderness as a result.”

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