Delivery with a difference

by Dublin Gazette
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A city-based delivery service have provided their ‘riders’ with first aid training, so they can help others in the event of an emergency.

Deliveroo have trained a group of their delivery people in first aid with St John’s Ambulance so that they will be prepared to handle an emergency if they encounter it. The training covered critical areas such as choking, fractures, heart attacks and unconsciousness. The certificate that the rider receives upon completion of the training is valid for two years.

A spokesperson for St Johns Ambulance said: “We believe that having access to first aid in the event of an emergency will dramatically improve the outcome in terms of someone’s health and wellbeing. We provide practical and life-saving skills needed to deal with an emergency situation.

“We commend Deliveroo for its move to train riders in emergency first, which will benefit the Dublin community greatly. Having so many riders in the city centre with life-saving skills could be substantive in an emergency and save a life”.

Liam Cox, regional manager for Deliveroo Ireland, said there has been huge interest from their riders in taking part in the training.

We currently have over 400 riders working with us in Dublin city alone, that’s a huge number of people on the ground every day delivering food to all four corners of the city and puts us in a unique position. It’s often the first few minutes of an emergency that can determine the outcome,” Cox said.

“We’re delighted that there has been so much interest from our riders in the training, which will benefit the wider community in Dublin. We know that riders want to support their local community and we are glad to make that happen,” he added.

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