Deliveroo workers fears over spate of inner city attacks

by Gazette Reporter
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Deliveroo workers are fearful of working in Dublin’s inner city after a spate of attacks, a Fine Gael Senator has heard.

Senator Mary Seery-Kearney met with Deliveroo management in a bid to outline how the safety of cyclists can be prioritised while also ensuring no areas of Dublin are disenfranchised.

“It has been brought to my attention that Deliveroo cyclists are being forced to avoid delivering food to certain parts of Dublin due to fears for their own safety after reports of attacks and bike thefts perpetrated on personnel,” she said.

“I met with senior management of Deliveroo to discuss the serious safety concerns raised in recent weeks by the delivery agents and how the company must do more to protect their cyclists and listen to their other employment concerns.”

“It is completely unacceptable that delivery cyclists are facing such a serious personal safety threat in the course of their essential work.”

There have been at least six attacks in the past two weeks in the north inner city involving Deliveroo staff. As a result gardaí have implemented an enhanced stop and search regime to crack down on knife crime.

Ms Seery-Kearney said: “The ongoing safety threat against these workers has huge knock-on implications for local businesses across the capital who rely on them for distribution of their meals, and for customers at home.

“Deliveroo and other agencies must do more to protect these workers.”

The latest standoff comes in the wake of a strike by some Deliveroo workers due to pay and work conditions.

In response to that Deliveroo said: “The safety of riders is our absolute priority and we take every step to ensure they feel safe when on the road.

“We were the first delivery platform to give all riders free insurance to protect them in case something goes wrong while on the road, and we are constantly looking at new ways to extend our support.

“We plan to introduce free personal safety alarms for all riders in Ireland that they can use in an emergency. We also work closely with the police and authorities to help protect riders and resolve any security issues they face, such as theft.”

The Senator has also submitted a report to both the Tánaiste and Minister Damien English about the meeting.

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