Residents against the rezoning of Deer Park Lands

by Rose Barrett
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Residents in Howth are fighting the possible rezoning of lands at Deer Park (Howth Demense) for housing.

“This is a place of outstanding wild beauty with historic, cultural and environmental importance that is at risk of being destroyed forever,” wrote Charles Sargent online. “If these lands are rezoned for development, the unique characteristic of the Howth/Sutton peninsula will be changed for good.

“These lands have provided unquantifiable social benefits to the Howth community for generations, no more so than during the recent pandemic when it served as a peaceful haven for physical and mental wellness. They are also home to a diverse environment of wildlife, native trees and shrubs which need protection from bulldozers.

“Howth residents recognise the need for housing but Fingal has already zoned 40% more land than it needs for residential development for the next five years. Land owners must develop land that has already been zoned for this purpose.”

If you wish to preserve Howth’s unique identity and say no to the rezoning of The Deer Park, go to…/preserve-howth-no-rezoning-of…

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