City council chief apologises to councillors for ‘secret’ transport meeting

by Sylvia Pownall
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Dublin City Council chief Owen Keegan has apologised for holding a “secret” meeting with Transport Minister Eamon Ryan and Green Party councillors.

Independent councillors on Monday demanded an explanation for the meeting which took place without the chair of DCC’s transport committee, Cllr Christy Burke.

Mr Keegan apologised to Cllr Burke after he slammed last month’s meeting for contravening regulations and protocols.

Green councillors Michael Pidgeon and Claire Byrne have also apologised to Mr Burke for not informing him of the meeting.

The meeting centred around 17 changes outlined in a “traffic wish list” to ban taxis from Dublin bus lanes, increase clamping fees, outlaw rickshaws and regulate electric scooters.

Cllr Burke said he accepted the apology, but he added: “What I don’t accept is the attendance of the councillors and the Minister without the notification of every other council member and myself as chair which contravened all regulations.”

The council said the meeting was convened at the request of the Minister.

A spokesperson for DCC told Dublin Gazette: “The Chief Executive can confirm that he spoke to Cllr Burke and expressed his regret if Cllr Burke felt his positon as chair of the transportation SPC was undermined by the meeting and the media coverage. 

“He assured Cllr Burke that was not his intention.”

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