Top 8’s Street Dance Battle & Street Dance Programme

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Ireland’s leading Hip Hop and Street Dance ambassadors Top 8 return to Dublin this month for what is guaranteed to be a thrilling weekend for everyone from nationally & internationally renowned artists to those entirely new to this exhilarating and life-enhancing artform. 

Top 8’s Dublin weekend will feature Ireland’s 8th Street Dance Battle together with a free day of workshops to which all are welcome to learn more about the culture of Hip Hop and Street Dance. Workshops will be taking place at Fade Street Studios on Saturday 18th November & the Street Dance Battle will be in The Well on Sunday 19th November.

Top 8, who have been organising hugely popular Hip-Hop events for the last decade, have this year been presenting a brilliant new programme of Hip Hop and Street Dance outreach days across the island, and the free day of workshops in Dublin on 18th November follows hugely successful events in Belfast, Limerick and Cork earlier in 2023.  Workshops in Street Dance, Rap, Graffiti and DJ-ing/Turntablism will be free to the public of all ages to attend. This is an invitation to everyone – established artists, keen practitioners, and the curious – to dance, DJ, create, communicate or just spectate, with intimate events giving everyone a chance to learn something new.  The day will come to a close with an Over 18s After Party with DJ, MCee and Beatboxers.

Top 8’s annual Street Dance Battle, an epic celebration of Hip Hop culture, is a powerhouse event that sells out year after year.  For this year’s event on Sunday 19th November there will be a particular focus on crews, and a significant showcase and exhibition element alongside the traditional judged competitive battles. Dance crews from Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Wexford will be taking part in Exhibition Crew Battles, and dance schools will be representing their localities, schools, and most importantly themselves with short pieces of street dance choreography.  A Special Exhibition Battle will see Top 8’s Team Ireland vs an All Girls Breaking Team from the UK, and the day will include a Breaking 1 vs 1 Battle in line with the Irish Olympic Committee, Breaking Ireland and Dance Sport Federation of Ireland, to award points for the national breaking ranking table. The day will also feature cyphers (open exchanges between individual dancers), leading to the crowning of a Cypher King and Cypher Queen, together with contributions from leading Irish and UK DJs and graffiti artists.

Tobi Omoteso says, “We can’t wait for this amazing weekend celebrating the Hip Hop culture, one day welcoming and introducing everyone to the culture’s different elements, and the second day showcasing the artistry of the most exciting established and up & coming artists.”  

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