Urgent repairs needed in council house health hazard

Toilet leaking into kitchen in D12 home 

by Rose Barrett
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Cllr Daithí Doolan (SF for Drimnagh) is furious at what he has seen in a council house in Dublin 12 recently. 

A couple with three young children live in the home but have not been able to cook in the kitchen for months owing to leakage from the toilet above, which is leaking directly into the kitchen – and onto the cooker, he claims.

“The conditions are totally unacceptable,” said Cllr Doolan.  “The toilet has been leaking right through the ceiling onto the cooker” It’s like something from a Charles Dickens novel,” he told the Gazette. 

Cllr Doolan visited the house to see the problem for himself and was totally shocked at what he saw. 

“A big hole in the kitchen ceiling, black across the ceiling and down the wall from dampness. Water from upstairs leaking down onto the cooker. In this day and age, shocking.”

Dublin City Council declined to comment and never comments on individual cases. With only four weeks to Christmas, there is no indication that this issue will be addressed and resolved so the family could cook a Christmas dinner at home.

“I really hope Dublin City Council carries out the necessary repairs as a matter of urgency.  And I’m not going to accept a quick fix band aid solution. This work needs to be comprehensive and up to the highest standard. This family deserves nothing less than the best.”

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