Protest to be held at Dáil over mass evictions in Portobello

by Dublin Gazette
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A protest is being staged at the Dáil today over mass evictions of tenants in Portobello by a vulture fund.

It is believed that over fifty people in the Portobello area of the capital are facing evictions.

The tenants are occupiers of a number of houses in South Richmond Street and Rosedale Terrace, off Clanbrasil Street.

Among those facing evictions are young children, including a new-born baby. Many of the tenants have been living in the homes for several years and believe that they have nowhere else to go.

Val Issuer, the company allegedly behind the evictions, recently acquired the building in Rosedale Terrace and put in a planning application for renovation.

Almost immediately after this was refused, it is understood that the company issued an eviction order against their tenants. 

Annette Mooney from People Before Profit said: “Tenants are being put through huge suffering and stress by a company that is trying to hide behind an anonymous trusteeship.

“It is totally unacceptable that people can be thrown onto the streets in the midst of a housing crisis.  It is even more unacceptable that this is being carried out at the orders of people who hide behind ‘fiduciary’ companies who operate tax dodging schemes.”

Peter Dooley from the Dublin Renters Union said: “There are scurrilous attempts underway at the moment to move people out of the building in South Richmond street – even before any eviction order has been issued by the court.

“Builders have been sent in to create the loudest disturbance possible and we have been forced to go to the courts to seek an injunction against this type of activity.

“We are pledged to resist this eviction as people have nowhere to live. We cannot allow the profits of vulture funds to come before the needs of real human beings.”

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