D15 Parrot’s TV3 gig was brief, but what a cracker!

by Sylvia Pownall
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ESCOBAR the singing parrot may have gotten stage fright on Ireland’s Got Talent, but he’s still a star in Blanchardstown.

Proud owner Kevin Lawler says the double yellow-headed bird is a bit of a celebrity with the locals thanks to his expanding repertoire of 10 songs.

The four-year-old pet proved he was not quite unflappable when one of the judges hit the red buzzer on Saturday’s episode of the reality show on TV3.

But electrician Kevin (38) told Dublin Gazette: “All the neighbours call in to hear him singing. I take him out for walks in a little harness on my shoulder and people love it.

“They call me ‘the parrot man’. He’s a fantastic pet – like a dog that can talk to you.”

Escobar flew into the audience on the show after the buzzer disarmed him – before he had reached the opening bar of his party piece, The Fields of Athenry.

He can also get his beak around Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Good Morning, and The Lion Sleeps Tonight, among other tunes.

When he’s not singing, Escobar loves nothing more than impersonating his besotted owner Kevin and his girlfriend Valerie.

Kevin, who bought him from a Crumlin pet shop after he was smitten by his eager “hello, hello” greeting, said: “I used to sing to him all the time.

“He’d get really excited and start singing along. Eventually he learns the words, but it takes a long time.”

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