Cyclists all but banned from seven streets

by Emma Nolan
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Cyclists will no longer be able to use seven city centre streets as the Cross City Luas nears completion.

The National Transport Authority (NTA) has deemed seven streets unsafe for bike users, they are; Marlborough Street, Dominick Street, Parnell Square, Nassau Street, Grafton Street, Dawson Street and College Street.

In conjunction with Dublin City Council, The NTA are set to develop alternative routes for cyclists including two-way lanes through College Green.

The news comes as cyclists last week reported being stopped by gardai and prevented from cycling down Dawson Street.

Alternative routes are to be looked at to avoid cyclists heading down the likes of Dawson Street, Nassau Street and Parnell Street.

Colm Ryder of the Dublin Cycling Campaign told FM104 that he is “disappointed” with the situation.

He said: “They’re basically saying there’s a risk if cyclists take these areas.
“We’re obviously very disappointed because it should have been something that was put into the general planning of a route like this. It just wasn’t considered when the Luas was planned out.”

A report published by the NTA on cycling feasibility on the Luas Cross City route states that there is “considerable competition for road space between the various modes of transport” of bus, light rail, car, truck, bicycle and pedestrian in the city centre.

Only the widest streets have sufficient width to potentially accommodate all of these modes with their own appropriate space like Westmoreland Street for example.

The report states: “On most streets, choices have to be made as to which mode should receive priority, if any, or more likely that all modes must share the space at a suitably low speed.”

The NTA has commissioned consultants to propose technical solutions to provide a street layout that is suitably safe for light rails, other public transport, and cyclists.

If no acceptable solution can be found, the cycle network for the city will be revisited, to direct cyclists away from difficult light rail sections.

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