Cycleway track is officially opened

by Ian Begley
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A new shared pedestrian and cycleway track between Palmerstown and Chapelizod was officially opened recently to mark the beginning of Bike Week.
Funding of €500,000 was allocated from the National Transport Authority for this cycleway, joining Palmerstown Village to Chapelizod and the city centre.
The route follows the Old Lucan Road alongside the southern wall of Stewart’s Hospital, a protected and historical structure. Some features of the scheme include the construction of a limestone wall at the Palmerstown end of the track and a tree-lined thoroughfare flanked by a paved footpath adjacent to a historic wall on the approach to the entrance to Stewarts Hospital.
This link is one of a number of new cycle way projects completed by the council and was funded by the National Transport Authority and National Roads Authority.
Minister Fitzgerald said: “As former Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, I believe it is important to encourage families and young people to be active. With the provision of a cycle route such as this one, I hope that families from right across Palmerstown and Lucan will avail of this amenity.
“Cycling has taken off tremendously in Dublin and this cycleway is another step towards creating a cycling-friendly city. The safety of cyclists is paramount, and with a dedicated path I hope it will encourage cyclists of all abilities to take to their bikes.”
Mayor Fintan Warfield (SF) said: “The new cycleway has the potential for connecting communities, providing access to amenities and local facilities as well as to enable commuter cycling en route to and from the city centre.
“It is appropriate that we open the route officially at the start of Bike Week, an annual event which runs this year from the June 13 to 21.”

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