Croker sixth most expensive stadium for parking in Europe

by Gazette Reporter
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It comes as no surprise that the most expensive European stadium for parking is the Stade de France, home to the French national football team.

The stadium can hold over 80,000 fans watching either American or association football and parking can cost up to a whopping €29 per event.

In second place is the Metropolitano stadium, home to the Atlético Madrid football team. Parking costs a fairly expensive €20 per event and the stadium based in Madrid, Spain holds over 65,000 fans.

New research revealsthat the Croke Park is the 6th most expensive stadium for parking in Europe. The study by analysed the cost of event parking at 20 of the largest stadiums in Europe to reveal the most expensive and the cheapest stadiums for parking.

The third most expensive European stadium for parking is the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, again in Madrid, Spain. Home to Real Madrid C.F, the stadium can hold over 80,000 people and parking costs €19.50 at the stadium – not far behind the stadium in second place.

Alex Kindred, car insurance expert at, comments: “For those that love attending concerts or sporting matches, you know that parking at arenas and stadiums can prove particularly difficult, especially with spaces typically being expensive and of short supply.

“To avoid overpaying for a parking space, be sure to plan ahead before your event. Most venues have information on their parking options online, so check these out to find the best rates. It may also be wise to see if you can book a parking space in advance, to ensure that you get the best rate and to guarantee a space for your car. 

“Off-site car parks tend to offer cheaper parking rates, however, make sure to check the safety and security of these sites before leaving your car unattended. If you do choose to park off-site, make sure to avoid leaving valuables in the car, and park in a well-lit spot if you can. This increases the safety of your car and possessions, and also prevents claims for damage or theft which could eventually impact your car insurance quote”. 


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