Energy summit tainted by fossil fuel sponsors

by Rachel Cunningham
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Rachel Cunningham

The Irish not-for-profit Friends of the Earth Ireland criticised the National Energy Summit, which took place in Croke Park this week.

Featuring speeches from climate and energy stakeholders from the government and academia, Friends of the Earth said that a possible worthwhile event was “tainted” by its main “gold” sponsors, which were Mag Mell (formerly Predator), a liquefied natural gas developer, and Gas Networks Ireland.

Jerry MacEvilly, Head of Policy in Friends of the Earth, stated: “For decades, the fossil fuel industry has used its immense resources and influence to delay and weaken effective climate policies, just like the tobacco industry did to public health policies before it. And, like the tobacco industry, the fossil fuel industry uses the sponsorship of events to greenwash its destructive business model and gain access to decision makers.”

“This sponsorship is particularly unacceptable and harmful as it is abundantly clear that expansions in fossil gas pipelines and LNG infrastructure would deepen Ireland’s import dependency and only serve to increase our exposure to geopolitical disruptions and increasing gas prices, while exacerbating the climate crisis”, he added.

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