Balbriggan mum making her mark with Curious Crayons

by Gazette Reporter
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By Rose Barrett

Mum of three Emma Kavanagh is immersed in seasonal orders for her creative ‘Curious Crayons’ – a home industry that evolved from her own family’s needs.

The accidental entrepreneur from Balbriggan first started with a silicon mould she bought online when her daughter, now eight, was just three years old.

She told Dublin Gazette: “It got me thinking at the time and from there, I started to develop the idea and mould my own shapes”.

Now with two more daughters, Mina, five, and three-year-old Dana, she finds her designs popular for different reasons with each of her children.

“Children can hold a chunky crayon from an early age, their grip is not perfected enough to manage a pencil or straight crayon but they love ‘blocky’ crayons.

“The feedback from teachers and parents has been very positive as they say my chunkier crayon design is easier for children to manage.”

Amanda of Little praised Curious Crayons as helpful in working with children of special needs.

Being able to grip the chunky pieces was one advantage, along with the bright colours and shapes being easier to identify where children have vision issues.

Emma now has several ranges and collections to choose from.

“One of the most popular set over the years is a collection of a child’s name, a personalised crayon set in letters within a pencil case,” she said.

“Kids love the idea – their name in chunky pieces! They both learn to identify their name more quickly but it also used as a bedroom ornament.”

There are unicorns and dinosaur sets, Christmas figurines, numbers and letters – tonnes of shapes to choose from with Lego men very popular this year.

Gift packs, with personalised name sets, are €12 including 12 pieces in total, with a flat rate for posting of €5.

“I have various collections with only three pieces, 6, 8 or 12. For example, 8 unicorns is €5 plus €5 for packaging; 12 dinosaurs (smaller figurines) cost €5 plus postage. But it’s free packaging with all orders over €50.”

“I make them at home, and now my mornings are busy with Christmas orders coming in. My husband Tony and the girls are helping a little now as I’m so busy. The advent calendars went really well but closing date for those is now closed.”

See to order now; also on Facebook and Instagram or email [email protected]

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