Key Dates Under Government’s New Easing Rounds

by Gazette Reporter
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The announcement by Taoiseach Micheál Martin that Covid restrictions would be relaxed over the coming two months, means that Ireland will get back to as near normal as possible for the first time in over 18 months.

However, Mr Martin urged people to become their own guardians by using their judgement if  possibilities arose where they might catch the Delta virus.

This month sees the beginning of the loosening of the restrictions and by the end of next month, all going well, the country should be able to freely going about its business again with only minor checks applying.

“The time is now right to begin the move from regulation and widespread restrictions on people’s personal freedom, to an approach primarily defined by public health advice, personal behaviour, judgement and responsibility,” the Taoiseach emphasised.

From today September 1 –  all public transport returns to 100 per cent capacity.

From Monday next  September 6 – the return of organised indoor evetns and mass gatherings will click into place… but there will be restriction where unvaccinated people attend an event or if immunity status situations are mixed.

According to the new guidelines, in the context  of indoor live music, drama, live entertainment or sporting events, the audience has to be fully seated. It was also noted that this does not apply to private social events while both cinemas and theatres are capped at a 60 per cent capacity.

This will jump to 75 per cent for organised outdoor events and mass gatherings once attendees are immune.

Churches …All religious ceremonies are able to go ahead once more with 50 per cent capacity, regardless of the immunity status of those attending.

Coach tours can also swing back into business but with a 50 per cent limit on vehicles.

From Monday  September 20  …the country will see the biggest normalisation day since March 2020 with the return of employees to their workplaces.

This date is also the cue for return to organised indoor groups activities like dance classes, sports session as well as arts and culture.

This date will see the return of workers to their workplaces, on a phased, staggered basis, the Government said.

However if groups are unvaccinated or mixed, pods of up to six participants will be permitted (not including the teacher or instructor) and multiple pods will be allowed.

The best news of all is that restrictions on outdoor group activities will be totally removed.

From Friday October 22 – is the red-letter day where virtually all remaining restrictions vanish, including the requirement to socially distance.

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