Council rolls out a new strategy for bike use

by Emma Nolan
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THE importance of cycle parking and cycling welfare facilities have been highlighted by the council in a new document published this week.
The first of its kind in the country, Standards for Cycle Parking and associated Cycling Facilities for New Developments, is to update existing guidelines as part of the planning process for various land uses and in the public realm.
The report also gives details of the preferred type of cycle parking stands, and the amount of showers and lockers required in workplaces to help encourage more cycling.

Shay Brennan, DLRCC’s Cycle Champion

Cllr Shay Brennan (FF), the council’s Cycle Champion and chair of the Cycle Forum, welcomed the introduction of the cycle parking standards.
He said: “Requiring the provision of good-quality cycling facilities at homes, schools and workplaces as part of the planning process can help support the development of cycling as a practical transport choice and will result in more people cycling.”
The council is currently developing a number of cycling infrastructure schemes in the county including the Wyattville Road improvement scheme, Sandyford cycle route and Stillorgan road cycle improvements.

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