Council to launch pilot scheme to tackle dangerous driving at schools

by Mark O'Brien
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School wardens will be wearing GoPro cameras to record incidents of dangerous driving near schools

South Dublin County Council is to launch a pilot scheme aimed at deterring aggressive drivers who may be endangering school children and school wardens.

The initiative will see school wardens in some areas wearing GoPro cameras to record incidents of dangerous driving near schools.

The initiative was suggested by Cllrs Vicki Casserly and Emer Higgins (FG) who tabled a motion at the recent full council meeting.

Cllr Casserly told Dublin Gazette she was delighted that the council were prepared to pilot the scheme.

She said: “It would be a typical issue for school wardens where people would drive through and not take precaution.

“They (the wardens) are provided with their pen and paper to take registrations, but ultimately the welfare of the children is paramount in that circumstance so you wouldn’t always have the time to do that.

“It was just an innovative suggestion I put forward that the managers are willing to engage in that basically the school wardens will be piloted with some of them wearing a GoPro, which can actually capture what they need in terms of dangerous instances that occur and to help improve road safety going forward for all pedestrian users.”

In response to the motion, the council said: “The road safety officer will engage with local media and community groups between now and end of school term in June to highlight any dangers and when the new school term returns in September, the school warden ‘LolliCop Camera’ project will be examined for a pilot in South Dublin.

“Ahead of this, the road safety officer will seek approval from the data protection commissioner drawing on the template proposal used in Kildare and Mayo County Council’s which should serve to speed up a pilot scheme for South Dublin.”

The council have not yet indicated which areas in the county would be part of the pilot scheme.

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