McGregor earns more from endorsements than any other athlete

by Rachel Cunningham
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Conor McGregor is reportedly earning over $150 million in endorsements alone, according to new data published by OLBG, a sports betting community platform based in the United Kingdom¸ after analysing the earnings of the biggest active athletes around the world, writes Rachel Cunningham.

The former MMA champion apparently earns $158 million in off-field earnings, placing the Crumlin native over $60 million ahead of the second highest earner, tennis superstar Roger Federer, who earns a reported $89.97 million.

These athletes were the only two to earn over $80 million, while LeBron James, who ranked third in earnings, joined them as the only other athlete to earn over $60 million dollars in off-field earnings.

The brand Nike sponsors the most sports stars, with 16 of the world’s most well-known athletes under their brand, such as LeBron James, Kevin Duran, Serena Williams and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Roger Federer technically does not need to play any more tennis, according to the data, as only 0.03 per cent of his 90 million dollars come from his tennis exploits.

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