Coca-Cola moves to 100pc recycled plastic bottled in Ireland

by Rachel Cunningham
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Rachel Cunningham

Coca-Cola has announced that all plastic bottles across its soft drinks’ portfolio in Ireland are now made with 100 per cent recycled plastic.

The new bottles, which the company claims are 100 per cent recyclable, will be used across the full range of Coca-Cola products

This move comes as part of the corporation’s aim to eliminate an additional 7,100 tonnes of virgin plastic from circulation in Ireland, annually.

Over €20m has been invested in both developing sustainable packaging solutions through the Coca-Cola HBC plant at Knockmore Hill, Lisburn, and in the purchase of recycled plastic material in that period.

“As the biggest beverage brand on the island, we have a clear responsibility and opportunity to contribute to a circular economy; our actions make a big difference,” said Agnese Filippi, Country Manager, Coca-Cola Ireland.

The business in Ireland has reduced 442 annual tonnes of shrink plastic by introducing KeelClip and cardboard packaging across the Coca-Cola multipack cans portfolio.

Its foundation has been working with city councils to boost rates of collection of plastic bottles and cans for recycling in public places.

Working with environmental NGO Hubbub, Dublin City Council was the first to introduce the #CircleCity campaign in 2020.

This initiative involves placing bright yellow bins, made especially for plastic bottles and cans, at city centre locations. 

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