Brazen vandals target graveyard at St Mary’s Clonsilla

by Kim O Leary
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By Kim O’Leary

A churchyard in Clonsilla has been targeted by vandals spraying graffiti and destroying walls in recent weeks.

St Mary’s Church in Clonsilla dates back to 1845 and it was built on the site of an older church dating back to the 12th century.

It is the last resting place for people of differing faiths many of them old friends, relatives and neighbours, including Agnes Mallin, widow of Michael Mallin one of the 1916 leaders.

Over the last few days, a section of the surrounding wall has been demolished, which follows on from graffiti sprayed on a door as well as on old headstones and a wall.

The door has since been re-painted but the graffiti remains visible. A light in the car park area has already been used for target practice and is out of use Parties seem to be regularly held in the area between the church and the wall backing on to Porters Gate.

Gardai have been informed of the vandalism and are investigating.

The Parish is appealing directly to those responsible for the vandalism of the churchyard to cease their activities and to respect the area and its history.

Anyone who may know of those responsible is asked to contact the Parish Office by email on [email protected].

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