‘We can’t step out, so step up and fix unsafe balconies’ say Clonee residents

by Sylvia Pownall
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Residents of a Clonee estate where balconies have been deemed unsafe have called for repair works to be carried out.

The management company placed signage on the structures at Phibblestown Wood in Clonee ordering residents not to use them – but there’s no timeframe for fixing the problem.

Yvonne Sheehan, whose wrap-around balcony on her gable-end apartment has been out of commission for a year, told Dublin Gazette: “The sun is shining and I’m sitting inside.

A balcony at Phibblestown Wood.

“It’s ridiculous; I’m using the balcony for drying clothes, but I can’t step out onto it. I’ve taken the barbeque in and put it away at this stage. It’s such a waste of a balcony.”

Pharmacy technician Yvonne (50) said she’d received a letter from the management company outlining issues concerning insurance claims and funding relating to structural defects.

She added: “Our management fees are quite high, yet this is going on over a year. The longer they leave it, the more work will be needed to repair it. I don’t feel anything is being done.

“A guy came to put a sign on it and I asked him was he going to fix the balcony with Sellotape. But it’s not funny at this stage. It’s not nice when you don’t know whether you can sell your property or not.”

The signs read: ‘Due to safety concerns this balcony is not to be used by order of Phibblestown Wood Management Company’.

Fingal County Council (FCC) owns 11 units within the development and has had them repaired at a cost of €62,250, excluding survey fees.

A council spokesperson said: “All remedial works have been carried out to the council-owned properties in Phibblestown and the management company have been kept advised of the works at all stages.

“Phibblestown Wood Management Company has responsibility for remedial works to the balconies that would come under the remit of the management company.

Phibblestown Road homes.

“The local authority is also the building control authority and it has powers of inspection and enforcement under the Building Control Acts and is working with the management company to ensure the works are completed.”

A spokesperson for Purple Property Management Limited told Dublin Gazette they had met with FCC “on matters relating to the conditions of some balconies in the development”.

The spokesperson added: “They have advised of the requirements and the responsibilities under Section 3 of the Sanitary Services Act 1964. The OMC are considering surveyors’ reports and guarantee options available.

“Attempts to remediate balconies are frustrated due to a lack of funding in the management company currently. We have advised residents and have put appropriate signage on balconies.”

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