Clondalkin to have its say with €300k

by Mark O'Brien
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South Dublin Mayor Mark Ward defended his party's record on housing

CLONDALKIN has been chosen as the recipient of next year’s €300,000 Have Your Say participatory budget by South Dublin County Council.

The winning area was chosen through the drawing of lots by Mayor Paul Gogarty at last week’s Annual Budget meeting of the council.

The scheme allows citizens in a local community to directly decide how to spend a portion of the public budget in their area.

Residents put forward ideas on how to improve their area and these ideas are then put to a public vote to determine which projects will be allocated funds from the €300,000 available.

The project was successfully piloted in Lucan and Palmerstown earlier this year.

Residents put forward their proposals at a number of workshops in several venues across the area.

These proposals were then put to a public vote, with eight projects securing funding.

The winning projects included the provision of Christmas lights in Lucan village, the restoration of King John’s Bridge in Griffeen Park and a feasibility study for the restoration of the Silver Bridge in Palmerstown.

Councillor Mark Ward (SF) welcomed the news that the scheme will be rolled out next year.

He said: “This scheme was rolled out in Lucan and Palmerstown last year and it saw the residents having a say on how €300,000 was spent in their area.

“It was a hugely successful pilot scheme. As a member of the steering group that delivered this pilot scheme I am really excited to see it coming to Clondalkin.

“This is a genuine chance for the people of Clondalkin to shape their area in a democratic process.

“At the end of the process Clondalkin will see real tangible results and it will only benefit our area. I am hoping that groups and individuals of all ages and backgrounds embrace this process.”

Workshops, followed by the public vote are expected to take place next year.

Further information on the participatory budget can be found at

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