South Dublin Mayor opens new playspace at Collinstown Park, Clondalkin

by Dublin Gazette
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A brand new playspace has been officially opened at Collinstown Park in Clondalkin by the Mayor of South Dublin County Council.

Mayor Councillor Ed O’Brien opened the park on Thursday, September 10, saying that the opening of the park marks the ‘delivery of a significant project’ in the local area for families and young people.

Speaking at last Thursday’s event, Mayor Cllr O’Brien said: “This opening ceremony marks the delivery of a significant project for young people and families in the area.

“Since the playspace has opened, there has been an increase in family groups using the park and everyone is getting more exercise and fresh air.”

Mayor Cllr O’Brien at the opening of the new Playspace.

Natural play has benefits for children in terms of increasing mental and physical well-being, developing imagination and allowing children to assess risk and develop their coping abilities.

The Mayor went on to pay tribute to the local community and local football club for their support of the popular playspace in Collinstown Park and the work of the Council staff in managing the project and maintaining the facility.

The sod for the new Teenspace at the park was also turned officially last Thursday by the Mayor, who said that the project at Collinstown Park is the first in South Dublin’s county wide Teenspace programme to go to site.

Mayor Cllr O’Brien said: “Location is key to providing meeting places for teenagers. It needs to be a place to be seen and that will bring life and youth culture into the area”.

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