Local community asked to contribute to climate action

by Rachel Cunningham
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Circus performer and engineer Aoife Raleigh cycled her home-engineered generator bicycle around the local Crumlin community last Thursday, December 2, to explore how arts and creativity can have a real and transformative impact in terms of climate action, writes Rachel Cunningham.

Built with help from local community group Clean Up Crumlin, What’s Watt, provides enough energy to power day-to-day appliances, such as charging a phone, playing a music device, or boiling a mug of tea.

Crumlin Creative Climate Action (CCCA) is a green energy initiative by Crumlin Community Clean-up and Dublin City Council’s Arts Office and is funded by Creative Ireland. In 2022, there will be a series of climate action projects and events in a collaboration between artists, engineers, scientists, residents and community groups of Crumlin to engage the wider locality by inspiring and developing sustainable living solutions. 

The What’s Watt bike tour marks the beginning of engagement and collaboration between an established trans-disciplinary network of climate scientists, artists with engineering backgrounds and a community network based in Crumlin that includes Crumlin Community Clean Up, Positive Action Crumlin, and St Agnes’ Community Centre for Music and the Arts.

Associate artists for Crumlin Creative Climate Action are award-winning artist and science educator Niamh Shaw and circus performer and engineer Aoife Raleigh. The working and consultation groups feature inputs from over 3,000 local residents are made of a diverse and passionate range of people and local interest organisations.

Aoife will be asking people from the community to get involved by visiting www.CrumlinCreativeClimateAction.ie to become a part of the consultation process. 

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