FCC carrying out Cherry Laurel clearance in areas of Ward River Park

Areas of the park may be closed today and tomorrow

by Rose Barrett
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Cherry Laurel clearance works commenced this am at The Usher’s Lake area of Ward River Park. The entrance to the park on The Old Brackenstown Road will remain closed today and tomorrow, September 18 and 19.

Swords residents, please note, small areas of the park will be closed to the public while works are ongoing. These works are carried out in accordance with recommendations contained in the Woodland Management Plan produced for The Ward River Regional Park.

Cherry Laurel is a non-native invasive shrub that creates dense shady conditions. This makes it very difficult for other plants and trees to germinate or grow underneath the Cherry Laurel. If left to their own device, the Laurel will eventually dominate the entire woodland.

Cherry Laurel
Cherry Laurel courtesy of Fingal County Council

The council is keen to restore native woodland in the park with wide variety of trees and plants. By removing the Cherry Laurel sunlight will reach the soil again, which will allow for the natural germination of trees and typical woodland plants.

The works are part of the ongoing Ward River Regional Park Development Project which aims to create a vastly enhanced Ward River Regional Park covering an 80-hectare (200 Acres) area between Swords town centre and Knocksedan Bridge.  The delivery of the Regional Park Project will help meet the demands of a growing population in the county town as well as providing an appealing destination for visitors to Swords.

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