Join the Mile in Memory charity walk in St Anne’s Park

by Dublin Gazette
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A walk will be held in St Anne’s Park this Saturday to mark the memory of children and babies who have suddenly passed away.

The Mile in Memory walk is being organised by charity First Light, formerly known as the Irish Sudden Infant Death Association, with the hopes of the walk becoming an annual event.

Parents of suddenly deceased children, along with families and friends are expected to come together and walk in remembrance of all children or young persons who died suddenly.

Tomas Fay and his partner, Tatiana da Silva Souza, are set to walk in honour of their daughter, Lorena, who passed away in August 2016.

Lorena was born on July 31, 2016 with Down syndrome, which was unknown to her parents before the time of her birth. Lorena also had Transient Abnormal Myelopoiesis, the worst transient form of Leukaemia known.

Tomas said: “We were taken into a room by a consultant who talked to us and told us about Lorena’s condition, and we just locked ourselves in the room for some time after to mourn the daughter we were expecting.

“I think we spent our time with her wonderfully, though. It was filled with love and we really got to bond with her.

“We became involved with First Light after one particularly difficult night for me and Tatiana, and I called Samaritans, who then gave me the number of First Light.

“All of the councillors at First Light are volunteers who’ve dealt directly with sudden infant loss, so they understand,” he told Dublin Gazette.

Tomas and Lorena want to raise awareness for the help that friends and family of loved ones might need.

“People are afraid to say Lorena’s name sometimes in case they upset us, but my whole face lights up, I love hearing people talk about her.

“I hope that this walk can raise some awareness of the work that First Light does. It’d be great to make the walk an annual thing,” Tomas said.

The Mile in Memory Walk will be 4km in distance, starting at the FirstLight candle stall at the St Anne’s Park Farmers Market at noon this Saturday the 8th. The walk is open to everyone and you can register by emailing [email protected].

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