Chapelizod divided over housing gains, with some accused of ‘nimbyism’

by Dublin Gazette
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Concern is increasing for residents in Chapelizod over a potential new development that could see the population of the village grow by 10%.

The proposed 73-unit, rapid build social housing development at the former Springvale allotments site on Chapelizod Road has stirred up angst amongst some locals, who feel there has been a “lack of consideration” given to the residents of the area.

When built, it’s possible that up to 300 new residents could enter the area, which would lead to increased pressure on local parking as only 44 parking spaces appear to be scheduled for development, in addition to pressures on traffic, schools and transport.

The Springvale allotments in Chapelizod

Plans for the rapid-build apartments have been in the pipeline for 14 years, having been originally proposed in 2005 but shelved as a result of the recession.

A meeting was held last Thursday by Dublin City Council in St Patrick’s National School on the plans, where frustrated residents voiced their concerns, such as zero affordable houses being made available for locals.

Apprehensions were also raised over the potential five-storey buildings being adjacent to the Phoenix Park walls and that a British company had been hired to work on the project, leaving residents concerned that the site may not have even been visited by developers yet.

In the wake of the meeting, some people were critical – one person remarked on a local Facebook page that they were instructed to fill out a comment form, rather than having the panel at the meeting answer their question directly.

Some locals, however, accused others in Chapelizod of ‘nimbyism’ and of being in favour of the development going elsewhere, with it expected to comprise 100% social housing.

An image of a poster advertising the development meeting with DCC was posted to a local Facebook page, showing a sign attached to a bus stop in Chapelizod, but vandalised by someone who had written “Your property will devalue” on it.

Commenting on the proposed development, one local resident, Rhys Mayes, wrote: “I understand about the lack of services and infrastructure to deal with this many new residents. But I feel the general feeling about this is that people don’t want social housing in Chapelizod which to be honest is an absolutely vile and selfish way of thinking.”

Calls have been made for another meeting on the development, for locals to discuss the potential issues that will arise with the development.

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