Chanel College recognised by AIB Lifeskills programme

by Rose Barrett
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Chanel College, Coolock will take part in a tree planting ceremony with their local AIB branch manager, as part of AIB’s financial literacy programmes by 2023.

Out of 585 schools registered with the programme, the Coolock based school was one of 16 only schools in Ireland to be recognised by the AIB Future Sparks Programme.

The AIB Future Sparks Programme is a new skills-based interdisciplinary programme for secondary school students, aimed at supporting 12-18 year olds in the development and learning of key lifeskills. The programme focuses on themes including sustainability, financial wellness, health and well-being, globalisation and civic literacy. It also supports the development of core skills including communications, critical thinking and digital innovation.

Mr Philip Ardiff, the Transition Year (TY) Coordinator at Chanel College, set out to enhance these skills amongst his TY students. Following the completion of various wellbeing and work experience modules, which were designed to develop these specific skills, the school conducted a student survey to explore how their students really felt and what they had learned. The college has received a plaque to commemorate its participation, as well as a native Irish tree which will be planted on the grounds of their school. These trees will contribute to the bank’s commitment to plant 90,000 native Irish trees over the next three years on behalf of new AIB second-level student account holders.

Students were also awarded with individual digital certs to recognise their hard work while supporting biodiversity. The AIB Future Sparks Programme is free for all teachers and schools to join, and they can register for the programme on AIB’s website.

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