Centre plan’s parking protest

by Gazette Reporter
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An application for planning permission for a new development on a site adjacent to the Castleknock Flower shop in Castleknock Village was lodged with Fingal County Council a number of weeks ago.
The application seeks permission to build a Lidl supermarket, medical centre and restaurant, among other shops. The site in question is the same one at which the Uxbridge development was proposed, and like the Uxbridge development, this new proposal has been greeted with much opposition from local residents.
Many of the local councillors are concerned with the proposed plan and the implications it will have for many local residents. At a meeting of Fingal County Council on Thursday, July 3, they met planning officials while concerned residents held a protest outside.
One such councillor is Jack Chambers (FF) who said: “There is a lot of opposition to this development on many grounds. The residents of Castleknock Park are very much opposed to it due to the potential implications for pedestrian access to their green, which would totally undermine the usage of their estate and that’s something that many people are opposing.”
Cllr Eithne Loftus (FG) held a meeting with concerned residents about the proposed development on Wednesday, June 25.
She said: “The meeting about local feeling towards this development in the centre of the historic village of Castleknock generated huge attendance and it was evident that opposition to the proposals was deeply and sincerely felt. Residents are most concerned to protect their heritage and proposed approaches through residential areas. Moreover the scheme is deeply flawed by virtue of the meter space devoted to parking. Parking in the village is unrealistic, the residents anticipate considerable congestion if the plans follow through.
“The mood of the meeting was angry, they are adamant that it is now time to let the planners know that the community cannot be ignored. The mistakes of overdevelopment, which this scheme is, made during the Celtic Tiger period must never be repeated.”
Cllr Roderic O’Gorman (GP) has called on Fingal County Council to reject the proposed planning application stating that it paid insufficient attention to the traffic that would be generated by the development, and provided for inadequate parking.
“The parking provision in the plans is completely inadequate. The development proposes 98 spaces, but this is below what the Fingal Development Plan states would be needed for a site of this size.
“While this development is an improvement on the existing Uxbridge proposal in that it is not as high, it nevertheless has not been properly thought out.
“Residents should not be forced to accept a bad development, just because it is a slight improvement on the existing plans. It is on this basis that I am objecting to the proposal,” concluded Cllr O’Gorman.
The Gazette have been unable to contact the developers, Dabiza Properties Ltd, for comment. Lidl have declined to comment on the development.

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