Subway Goes as Gaeilge for St. Patrick’s Day

by Amy Rohu
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To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Subway have announced that some of its most iconic Subs will be going as Gaeilge. The Sub’s new Irish identities will be given pride of place over on Subway’s social channels and include fan favourites such as the Millín Feola Marinara (Meatball Marinara) and An M.F.B. Iodálach (Is Mó, Is Feola, is Blasta) (Italian B.M.T.®).

As part of the initiative, Subway has also partnered with RTE 2FM presenter Bláthnaid Treacy, to help Subway customers introduce some Irish comhrá into their conversations.

Bláthnaid has created a video which encourages everyone to use a few Irish words when ordering their Subs in store, chatting to friends or even working from home. You can check out Bláthnaid’s video here.

Speaking on the partnership, Bláthnaid said, “It’s really great to see a global brand like Subway, that has such a presence all over Ireland, celebrate our national language and heritage! As a Gaeilgeoir myself, I was delighted to be able to partner with Subway to celebrate our beautiful language this St. Patrick’s Day.”

Angelina Gosal, Head of Marketing UK & Ireland at Subway added “We’re delighted to rename some of our most iconic Subs into the Irish language in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. We are proud of our roots across Ireland and wish everyone a wonderful holiday!”

To find your nearest Subway check out their website here.

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