Residents stumped over ‘random’ tree removal in Castleknock estate

by Sylvia Pownall
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Residents of a Castleknock estate are calling for trees planted outside their properties to be removed before they reach their 40-metre potential height.

Several householders in Bramley Wood estate have made representations to Fingal County Council with concerns over the Tilia Cordata (small leaved lime) trees.

The species was included in the council’s 2010 tree strategy, which was voted in by councillors and is due to be reviewed shortly.

But some Bramley Wood residents argue that when fully matured they will reach a height of 40m, or 131 feet, which they say is “unsuitable” for outside their properties.

One resident, who asked not to be named, told Dublin Gazette: “Our concerns are being dismissed by the council on the grounds that they are implementing their tree strategy.

“But there are plenty of examples in the estate which confirms they are ignoring their own bye-laws.”

The resident said several “random” trees had been removed on request but calls for others to be dug up had been ignored.

There have also been claims that some tree stumps were left “in a dangerous state”.

Calling for a clear plan of action, the resident added: “This is required in the interest and welfare of the residents’ wellbeing and the overall long-term aesthetics and visual look of Bramley Wood.”

A report to area councillors acknowledged that although Tilia Cordata was included under the council’s 2010 strategy no more of that species would be planted, however there was no programme for their removal if they were healthy.

In a reply to Dublin Gazette, Fingal County Council said a number of trees in Bramley Wood estate were inspected and recorded as healthy following requests from some residents to remove them.

It added: “A small number of other trees in the estate had been identified by council staff for removal and these works were completed earlier in the year.

“The council’s policy is to remove all tree stumps, which have been left in a safe condition, at the same time.

“The majority of trees that were removed were within five metres of a lamp stand, which is in line with the council’s tree strategy.”

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