Public meeting in Castleknock to address ongoing Housing, Health and Cost of Living crisis

by Rose Barrett
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Turnaround to relet Council housing unit is shockingly 8 months when compared to 3 weeks in private sector, claims election candidate

The vexed issues of housing and the cost-of-living crisis are two of the items on the agenda for Aontús public meeting in D15 next week – Tuesday, April 23.

Local candidates including Ellen Troy who is standing in the Castleknock LEA will join party Leader, Deputy Peadar Tóibín at the meeting.

Ms Troy who is a first-time candidate for Aontú says: “The stories we are hearing on the doors are both worrying and very frustrating. At a time when we’re told the country is ‘awash with money’ our citizens are beset by a housing crisis that shows no signs of improving, I have seen so many boarded up houses that could be turned round by the Local Authority if only the will was there. It takes an incredible eight months to relet a council home and just three weeks in the private sector. It’s a stunning and shocking difference, particularly in the light of the housing crisis”.

“There’s absolutely no credible reason why it should possibly take this long,” she says.

“The inertia drives me mad. I am listening to young people who should be living their own lives in their own places, living with elderly parents; then I have elderly parents telling me they want their own space now at this stage of their lives, but they have to provide a roof over their adult children’s heads, it’s a vicious cycle and it’s not fair to anybody”.

“I met a woman in Blanchardstown who is living with her three children in one room in her parents’ home while the property next door is boarded up”.

“This is just one of the issues we’ll be discussing, and I really urge the people of the D 15 area to come out for our meeting next week”.

“I had never been involved in active politics before I joined Aontú. I was immediately drawn to its strong principles; it has a leader in Peadar Tóibín that I am immensely proud to stand behind; he espouses all the qualities and values I respect, he is a man of his word and for the people, all the people”.

“Like him, I am committed to accountability, true democratic representation for all and genuine equality, and I want to hear what the people of D15 have to say”. 

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