More car break-ins as South Dublin residents call for clamp down

by Gary Ibbotson
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Killiney and Dalkey residents are once again calling for a clamp down on crime after an escalation of car break-ins and anti-social behaviour.

A number of cars were broken into in Killiney Hill car park earlier in the year and was found that the culprits were using immobilisers to block the signal between car keys and the locking mechanism on car locks.

Pleas from residents to the Garda to help curb the break-ins have so far not seen results.

Local Rachael Lee says that her car was broken into at Killiney car park last week.

“They smashed my window and wrecked my car and stole my black Billabong handbag, my phone, my black wallet with all my cards and money,” she says.

“But my two diaries that I use and need which are useless to anyone else, a wine coloured A4 annual diary and a blue ringed binder diary which are so important to me.

“If anyone in this area finds these, I would be so grateful if you could let me know.

“Any swimmers using this car park, please be careful.”

In a statement, the Garda say they were called “to an incident that occurred on Station Road, Killiney Co Dublin on the 20 May 2019 at approx. 8pm.

“A car was broken into (window smashed) and handbag was taken. No arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing.”

Another break-in occurred at Cabinteely Park where Maureen Finnigan arrived back to the car park after a quick walk to find her friend’s boot window had been smashed.

“Her handbag (was) stolen along with a bag of groceries and two separate bags of clothing just bought in M&S,” says Finnigan.

“The place was packed with cars and people so this beggars belief! They obviously are watching who are putting bags, etc. into the boot before going for a walk.”

Thai House Restaurant on Railway Road, Dalkey was also the target of an attempted break-in this past weekend.

The front window was partially smashed but due to strengthened glass, it appears the thieves did not gain access to the establishment.

“Second time this year- attempted break in at our Thai House Restaurant,” says Tony Ecock.

“Annoying to say the least- thankfully the strengthened glass resisted what looks like an iron grinder.”

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