Longest traffic free street in city

by Rachel Cunningham
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Dublin City Council has announced that Capel Street is officially traffic-free, making it the longest traffic-free street in the city, writes Rachel Cunningham.

Capel Street will be a traffic-free street, with the exception of permitted deliveries between 6am and 11am.  

There will be traffic management on site for the first two weeks as people get used to the changes. 

Key elements of the change includes the permanent closure at Parnell Street after Jervis Lane to remove through traffic on Capel Street, Mary’s Abbey traffic flow direction will be reversed and residents exiting from Abbey Street will exit via Mary’s Abbey.

Additionally, Mary Street between Capel Street and Jervis Lane will be reversed, while Strand Street Little and Strand Street Great will remain open to traffic all day.

Emergency Vehicular access is maintained at all times as the emergency services will be able to access all locations on Capel Street.

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