Over 50% of students offered first preference course on CAO

by Dublin Gazette
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The first round of offers for CAO places were published today at 2pm, with 53% of the 43,851 applicants on Level 8 courses being offered their first preference choice.

This year’s CAO offers come after the results of this year’s Leaving Certificate exams were distributed last Wednesday.

CAO Applicants can check if they received an offer through the ‘My Application’ menu on CAO.ie. Offers must be accepted by applicants before 5:15pm on August 23. Applicants will also have received an email and text. This is the first year that there were no postal offers.

If an applicant has been deemed ineligible for any offer, they should have received a ‘statement of application’.

There were 77,706 applications to the Central Applications Office this year for university and college courses, with 47,624 applicants presenting Leaving Certificate results. There were also 8,943 mature students applying for places in university or college through the CAO.

Out of 30,806 applicants for Level 7 and 6 courses, 89% received their first placement course, and 98% received first, second or third preference offers.  For those applying for Level 8 courses, 81% are the first, second, or third preference of the students who applied for them.

Students will have had an idea of whether they got their preferred course based on the points needed last year, but the CAO offers this afternoon are official confirmation of their course.

Points for some degrees have jumped, particularly in fields like engineering, science and technology, with the number of courses looking for over 500 points climbing to a new high. Courses linked to the environment have also gone up in points.

Business courses have also jumped in points as students select courses with higher job prospects. One course in particular, Economics and Finance in UCD, has climbed to 601 points. Points for degrees in science, technology and engineering have jumped as students flock towards courses with strong job prospects.

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