Calls for retrofitting of social housing to be accelerated

by Rose Barrett
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Local People Before Profit (PBP) representatives have called for an extensive programme of retrofitting of council homes as part of a submission to the South Dublin County Council Climate action Plan 2024-29.  

The Plan which was out for public consultation until November 3 will be voted on by councillors early in 2024. As well as retrofitting of council homes, the PBP submission to the plan calls for a ban on new data centres, increased public transport, better cycling and walking infrastructure and the ending of the use of glyphosate for weed control.

Cllr Madeleine Johansson (for Palmerstown – Fonthill LEA) said: “We recognise that the council has done some good work when it comes to Climate Action, such as wildflower meadows, the Integrated Constructed Wetlands and improved cycling infrastructure. 

“But much more is needed. Most of what is needed is beyond the remit of the council because of years of privatisation, centralisation and outsourcing.”

“One of the things that the council could do immediately is to end the use of glyphosates for weed control. Glyphosates are very harmful to the environment and human health and alternative methods need to be found, even if they require the hiring of more staff.

“We need to reverse the effects of bad planning, particularly in the Lucan area. Housing estates were built to suit developers to make profits but forces people into cars. We need to look at ways to make it easier for people to walk and cycle, and to access public transport.”

Gino Kenny TD (Dublin Mid-West): commented: “I grew up in a council house myself and I think the retrofitting programme needs to be accelerated as a matter of urgency. 

“New insulation, better heating systems and solar panels on council homes could make an enormous difference, both for the tenants living there but also to reduce carbon emissions. At the moment the highest target number is 500 homes per year, we don’t think is adequate. If the government won’t provide additional funding the council should find other ways to fund this.”

“We believe that these measures could help reduce carbon emissions in the area. More generally, PBP believe that real climate action requires systemic change. We want a socialist society where the needs of people and the planet come before the profit of the few.”

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