Calls for Donnycarney Park Works to be Completed

by Dublin Gazette
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There have been calls for much-needed works in Maypark in Donnycarney to be completed ahead of the warmer summer months.

Local councillor Deirdre Heney (FF) has said it is ‘crucial’ that the improvement works are completed so that local residents can enjoy the park.

Playground at Maypark.

Her call for completion comes after Dublin City Council confirmed that remedial works in the park are currently in progress.

These works include the resurfacing existing footpaths, painting railings, the introduction of additional seating and repair works on the playground and multi-use games area. Cherry Blossom trees have also been planted in the eight-acre park, and more mature trees were removed for public safety.

Councillor Heney said: “The Park is an essential and much used amenity in our area that has huge potential if properly invested in by the Council. Any improvements being made to the condition of the recreational park in our community are to be welcomed.

“I will not accept any unexplained delay in these works being fully completed in the coming weeks – Local residents deserve to have a wonderful, friendly , clean and safe park nearby.”

Fianna Fail councillor Heney also said that the park will be beneficial to the health of locals, as it would be available as a hub for exercise and activity during the better weather.

“At a time when we were trying to encourage greater exercise and activity and spread the benefits associated with it, I believe improving our public park ahead of the summer is a step in the right direction,” she said.

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