Five things to do if you have a 1850 or 1890 number

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At the end of this year, the five NGN (Non-Geographic Number) ranges will be reduced to two. The 1850, 1890 and 076 ranges will be withdrawn, and the 1800 (Freephone) and 0818 (Standard Rate) ranges will remain.

This means that for any business or organisation with an 1850, 1890 or 076 number listed they will cease to operate at 12.01am on January 1, 2022.

Call answering experts, Kendlebell Kimmage, have shared the five most important things to do if your business or organisation has an NGN number that will be disconnected at the end of 2021, prior to their withdrawal. 

  • Carry out an audit of your business or organisation’s marketing material, brochures, signage, website, company vehicles and any devices such as alarm systems to see where your 1850, 1890 or 076 number is being used.
  • Contact Kendlebell to check if there is an equivalent 1800 and 0818 number to your existing 1850 or 1890 number. The call answering experts can advise on the best options for businesses and can supply new numbers.
  • Take a new 1800 and/or 0818 number as soon as possible and activate it. All numbers will be enabled to run parallel with your existing 1850 and 1890 numbers until they are retired. 
  • Contact your customers and important contacts to ensure they are aware of the number change and can update your contact number details in their CRM systems and in their contact lists. 
  • Update all affected materials such as business/organisation website information, social media channels, Google My Business information, leaflets/handouts and business cards. 

Kendlebell Kimmage can check if an equivalent 1800 or 0818 number to an existing 1850 and 1890 number is available, and can also supply businesses and organisations with these updated numbers prior to the changeover.

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