Call to honour promise to clean litter in at Luas station

by Rebecca Ryan
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There is a call for promises to be fulfilled in cleaning a litter eye sore in Dundrum.

In January, Dublin Gazette reported a large pile of rubbish thrown over the railings at the Luas station.

It was revealed that the area of land in question belonged to the Eir estate who at the time told us they had arranged for industrial cleaners to clean the area.

The Eir spokesperson added: “Furthermore, we will liaise with Luas facilities to see if we can prevent this from happening again in the future by putting some sort of preventions in place.”

Since then, the litter has not been cleaned up and local councillor Lettie Mc Carthy said she is very disappointed.

“I am very disappointed to see the litter still there and it will soon be covered over once vegetation begins to grow.

“I have a degree of sympathy for Eir as people are deciding to use their land as a dumping ground but ultimately it is their responsibility to keep their area clean and litter free.

“It would be unfortunate if DLRCC had to issue fines and I really hope it won’t come to this but honestly, it is an ongoing problem over many years and we really need to resolve it.”

Cllr Mc Carthy said previously that she has written to Luas asking for a bin to be installed further down on the platform and also written to DLRCC “on several occasions” asking for the site owner to clean the area up.

She repeated that call: “I am also calling on Transdev to install another bin at the Dundrum Luas stop which could drastically reduce this litter sore spot.”

Dublin Gazette contacted Eir for comment but we did not receive a reply before going to print, however, we have since received a comment.

The spokesperson said: “We’ve been in touch with the team managing this work.

“Work on clearing the site to the rear of Dundrum exchange is scheduled to begin tomorrow 07/03/19 at 7.30am.

“The work planned will take a couple of days to complete and involves two aspects, clearing the over burden off the site and carrying out a clean-up of the site once the area is cleared.

“As mentioned previously the team have also made contact with a representative of Luas/Transdev and are meeting to discuss a solution to prevent further litter issues in the future.”

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