Call for Ballinteer ‘eye sore’ to be moved to better site

by Rebecca Ryan
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Sean McLoughlin at the Bring Centre, Stonemasons Way

Dumping issues in Ballinteer are being heavily criticised.

The bring centre off Stonemasons Way is operated by the council and is a network for glass, cans and textiles recycling in the area.

Ballinteer community activist and independent candidate in the next local elections, Sean McLoughlin said the Bring Centre is an “ongoing eye sore, litter zone and at times it is an anti-social magnet”.

He is calling for the clothes and bottle banks to be relocated to a “better suited location”.

Mr McLoughlin said: “The clothes/bottle banks are not emptied enough, leading to clothes and plastic bags dumped in its surrounding area.

“The bring centre is continuously surrounded by cardboard boxes and plastic bags, which are occasionally set on fire.

“Furthermore, when full, empty bottles are left in its surrounding area [they] are frequently smashed in close proximity to the bring centre.

“This bring centre, is poorly located, with plenty of rubbish ending up in the nearby Little Dargle river and its overgrown banks.

“I have written to the local authority asking them to consider relocating this particular bring centre to a better suited location.

“At a minimum I am calling on the local authority to have it emptied more frequently in the short term and following on from that find a better suited location which is not a few yards from a river.

“The council have informed me that they will investigate and reply to me. I am awaiting a reply,” said McLoughlin.

Locals have echoed Mr McLoughlin’s call and have shown their disgust at the litter on social media.

Aisling Shorten said: “Have to agree with this. Anytime I go by it catches my eye the overflown clothes, looks awful.”

Conor Condon said: “[I] think if it was emptied more [it] would help.”

Margaret Bingham said; “We all knew that illegal dumping was going to happen as soon as the private waste collection companies took over from the council.”

Michelle Richardson said: “Should be up near [Centra] and Lidl there’s enough room up there for them.”

A council spokesperson told Dublin Gazette: “The council’s wardens investigate incidents of illegal dumping at bring centres and this year 89 fines have been issued for dumping at this particular bring centre.

“The cleansing staff clean this bring centre five days a week.”

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