Business closures on Swords Main Street

by Rose Barrett

Cllr Ann Graves (SF) has noted the closure of two great eateries in Swords.

“There’s something seriously wrong when popular businesses have to close their doors – while wishing them the best in the future,  more needs to be done to support small local businesses in our area,” said Cllr Graves.

Cllr Ann Graves SF

“With two banks due to close soon (Ulster Bank and KBC), our Main Street is going to be badly affected – plans for a sustainable Swords needs to put people at the forefront both businesses and residents.

“Restaurant owners cite Covid as the reason for closure, along with the current spiralling costs (rates, utilities, etc) to keep businesses up and running. Shaker and Vine and Tartan Larder both closed on January 22 last, two very different cuisines but great eateries and very popular. I’m so sad to see the premises closed, and I wish Sharon all the best”

She concluded: “Closures of businesses will have huge impact on the Main Street in Swords. FCC recently consulted on a project for ‘Sustainable Swords’ but this must include supports for small local businesses.”

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