Bus stoppages in parts of West Dublin have doubled in 2020

by Sylvia Pownall
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The number of bus stoppages due to anti-social behaviour have doubled in some parts of west Dublin this year, figures show.

An alarming rise in attacks on Dublin Bus has led to a co-operative approach involving gardai and unions in a bid to safeguard drivers and passengers.

In all there has been a 34% increase in instances on this time last year- and an alarming 200% spike during the months of July and August.

Figures released by the Department of Justice show services were curtailed due to thugs throwing rocks or setting off fireworks a total of 92 times this year.

At the current rate, the tally for the year looks likely to be far higher than the 108 instances for all of 2019.

The 27 bus – which passes through Tallaght and terminates at Jobstown – has had 21 reported instances of curtailment this year.

It is only second to the 40 bus route from Charlestown Shopping Centre in Ballymun to Liffey Valley Shopping Centre which has 35, accounting for 38% of all stoppages.

Dublin Mid-West TD Mark Ward (SF) is now calling for measures to deal with anti-social behaviour – particularly in the run up to Halloween.

He said: “A number of residents contacted me after they were forced off the bus before their stop due to anti-social behaviour.

“The increase in the number of buses curtailed due to anti-social behaviour is shocking.”

Any incidents of stone throwing or other forms of anti-social behaviour are reported by the driver into the controller, and the gardaí are also informed. 

Deputy Ward said: “This coincides with the illegal use of fireworks… terrorising our communities on a nightly basis and adds to the sense of lawlessness in our areas.

“Enough is enough and I have had residents onto me who have been left waiting on buses or have been asked to leave the bus well before their desired stop.

“This is really affecting people of my community.”

He said reducing the number of community gardai in the capital from 508 to 278 over the past decade was now “coming home to roost”.

He added: “There is a noticeable lack of Gardai in the night time. This decision has left our communities very vulnerable. 

“I am asking anybody involved in this anti-social behaviour to cop on.”

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