Bus service affected by stone throwing

by Ian Begley
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Passengers were left stranded on the Coldcut Road at midnight on August 20 as Dublin Bus
(number 40) refused to go into north Clondalkin after it emerged that stones had been thrown
at buses. This was the last bus and passengers were left to walk from the Coldcut
as far as Moorefield, a distance of 2km. A c c o r d i n g t o Clondalkin Cllr Trevor Gilligan (FG) many residents
rely heavily on this route.
He said: “I’m furious and quite frankly disappointed that people would take to damaging buses for
no reason. This has been an ongoing problem for years. Do the culprits not know that this will result
in fewer buses, perhaps even none in the area?
“There was no prior engagement or information given out to people about the change. The
bus, which was to turn from the Coldcut Road onto the Neilstown Road and into north Clondalkin
instead went from the Coldcut to Liffey Valley leaving residents with a 20-minute walk at midnight,”
he said.
Also commenting on this incident, Cllr Jonathan Graham (SF) said: “This is the first time that
something like this has happened to my knowledge. “I have since talked to one of the passengers
who informed me that the driver of the bus didn’t inform them that they would be docking at
the Coldcut Road before their journey.
“I’m also annoyed that Dublin Bus didn’t even warn passengers via social
media. “I have since contacted representatives from the National Bus and Rail Union and Dublin Bus
to ask why this had to happen. I think we need to hold Dublin Bus to account and get them to
ensure that something like this doesn’t happen again,” said Cllr Graham.
In response to this incident, a spokesperson from Dublin Bus said:
“I wish to advise that on the night of August 20 services were curtailed in
the Neilstown area from 21.45 due to incidents of anti-social behaviour
which resulted in damage to one of our vehicles. “When such incidents
occur the chief inspector on duty in conjunction with the gardai access the
situation and when it is deemed safe for both customers
and staff, services are reinstated.
“In conclusion, when services are curtailed at short notice we communicate
with our customers via the Dublin Bus website and through our
supervisors on the ground in the affected area. Dublin bus can be contacted
by [email protected].”
Dublin Bus have been criticised for not warning passengers via social media
about the route change diversion: stones thrown at buses
TALLAG HT’S annual health fair is set to take place on October 1, from 10am to 1pm.
The fair in the Killinarden Community Centre will have more than 50 information stands from health
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Tallaght’s annual health fair due on October 1
THE official opening day of the South Dublin
County Council allotment site at Friarstown Park,
Bohernabreena will take place on October 4, from
10am to 4pm.
The site caters for a broad range of allotment
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Events on the day will include a tour of the
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